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Learning experiences with varied formats and applications

Research-based Curriculum

Our training addresses the core competencies that vocational rehabilitation professionals use for the effective delivery of Pre-Employment Training Services (Plotner, Trach, & Strausser, 2012). The seven domains are:

  1. Providing career planning and counseling
  2. Providing career preparation experiences
  3. Facilitating allocation of resources
  4. Promoting access and opportunity for student success
  5. Conducting program improvement activities
  6. Building and maintaining collaborative partnerships
  7. Promoting nonprofessional supports and relationships

Each of these is linked to a transformational learning outcome in the coursework. How we go about it is important to reaching those outcomes. We have designed a multimodality learning model that will stimulate different senses that lead to improved memory. These include visual and auditory input, as well as learning by doing.

Immersive Virtual Learning

We have embraced the need for remote learning in a way that affords you the opportunity to be immersed in virtual environments. Using technology we have readily available, students can actually experience what we are talking about. Simulations, such as role-plays, are effective in helping you remember the information you have learned. And built-in vicarious learning opportunities, observing others at work, will enhance your learning.

In our online courses, you will find passive and interactive experiences. You may find yourself in a social virtual environment or engaging with avatars in a virtual simulation.

Direct, Real-Time Instruction

Our online courses are designed so you can participate at any time. This asynchronous model helps us deliver training to you at the optimal time for you. You will receive direct instruction on major activities.

If you choose to participate in the skill enhancement exercises that are delivered in real-time, you will receive direct feedback from instructors and more detailed assessments after the completion of the sessions.

Community of Peers

Throughout the program, you will be in the company of your peers. Courses are scheduled to be delivered in a cohort model and you will join a small group of colleagues in the skill enhancement sessions. You will also hear from others in our podcast series as well.

When you finish your courses, you are not finished with learning. We will open up the Community of Practice for you to continue to engage with your colleagues and us. Operating as Strengths-based Practiioners in Pre-ETS is an opportunity for you to further develop your knowledge and skills.

Read on to learn more about how the team will work with you!

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This project is funded through a grant award from the US Rehabilitation Services Administration in Innovative Training (H263C190013). It was awarded to the WEST VIRGINIA UNIVERSITY RESEARCH CORPORATION, the faculty of the West Virginia University Department of Counseling and Learning Sciences, Clinical Rehabilitation and Mental Health Counseling program; Reed College of Media; the University of West Georgia; and UWGLive. All materials are products of the grantee and do not necessarily reflect the position or policy of the US Department of Education and no official endorsement should be inferred.